BAGS Talks – Archive

Qingkai Kong: MyShake – Building a global smartphone seismic network 11_3_2017

Michael Wilt: Electromagnetic Imaging though metallic well casing: fundamental concepts and field examples 10-26-2017

Mike Hoversten: MCMC Stochastic Inversion for a West Africa Reservoir 9-13-2017

Biondo Biondi: Continuous subsurface monitoring by passive seismic data recorded with Distributed Acoustic Sensors: the “Stanford DAS Array” experiment 8-18-2017

Chris Leader: HPC, Geophysics and the Cloud: A perspective from Schlumberger’s Software Technology Innovation Center 7-14-2017

Spencer Quam: Tectonics, Imaging, and Hydrocarbon Potential of Passive Rifts: Examples from S. Atlantic and E. African Margins 6-2-2017

Greg Beroza: Mining Seismic Wavefields: How Big-Data Techniques Can Find Small Earthquakes 5-5-2017

Paul Hatchell: Seismic amplitude fidelity and its impact on 3D and 4D seismic interpretation 4-26-2017

Steve Constable: Mapping Gas Hydrate using Electromagnetic Methods 1-18-2017

Joe Dellinger: Forensic data processing – revealing your data’s hidden stories 4-23-2016

Koichi Hayashi: Deep S-wave velocity profiles of the San Francisco Bay Area obtained by passive surface wave method 5-28-2015

Jean Virieux: Hierarchical seismic imaging: A multiscale approach 4-13-2015

Ken Witherly: Building effective mineral system models; the importance of merging geophysical observation with geological inference 3-16-2015

Eve Sprunt: Managing Dual Careers: Work Life Integration in a 24/7 World 1-20-2015

Dave Hale: 3D seismic image processing for interpretation of faults and horizons 10-13-2014

Aria Abubakar SEG Honorary North America Lecturer: Joint inversion of multiphysics data for petrophysical and engineering properties 10-1-2014

Bill Owens, CalTrans: The Current State of Professional Licensing of Geophysicists in the State of California 9-13-2014

Peter I. Pecholcs: A journey through time in search of Arabian giants – Oil/gas fields, recording channels, and petabytes 3-26-2014