BAGS Seminar

Drone Enabled Geophysics
Ronald S. Bell
April 29, 2021, 5 PM
Webinar (see member email for details)

Abstract: For many, autonomously operated multi-rotor copters are the “drone of choice” for collecting geophysical data. These remotely piloted aircraft offer many advantages over ground and pilot-on-board airborne geophysical surveys. In this presentation, I will report on the experience gained since 2017 using an off-the-shelf hexacopter to collect magnetic and, more recently, shallow electromagnetic (EM) data. I will wind up my presentation with look at the path forward drone enabled geophysical investigations.

Speaker Bio:

To date, Ron has completed more than 30+ commercial drone magnetic surveys for a variety of objectives including but not limited to resource exploration (i.e. minerals, groundwater & O&G) and environmental subsurface site characterization. He is presently conducting field trials of a shallow frequency domain electromagnetic system. Ron began exploring the use of drones for geoscientific mapping in 2014. In 2018, he became the one and (currently) only geoDRONEologist, (pronounced geo-DRONE-ologist) and is an known globally as an energetic advocate for the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAS) to the autonomous collection of geophysical and remotely sensing data. He holds a BS in Applied Geophysics from Michigan Technological University.